Sunday, September 9, 2018

Day 6: Beautiful Everest sunrise and return back Shigatze & Tashilumpo Monastery

I was lucky and I did not get worst but lucky is just a night at the campsite and we leave the campsite after breakfast around 9am back to Lhasa via Shitgatze. The route back Shigatze is the same passing by roads at Qomolangma national park. It was a lucky day for us as today the sky is clear with no clouds and once we reach the hill peak after an hour and all of us having an awesome time as we manage to witness the stunning awesome beautiful scenery of the top 5 peak of the world including Mount Everest.

(Eleborate the top 5 mountain)

Then we exit the national park and have our lunch midway before proceed to Shigatze. We reach Shigatze around evening and manage to visit Tashilumpo Monastery at Shitgatze where the dalai lama mummify tomb is found at the monastery. It is a historical monastery in Tibet related to the 5th Dalai lama Panchen. There are many story surrounding the 5th Dalai Lama during the serious political era in China.

We stay at the same Mansarovar Hotel at Shitgatze.

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