Friday, September 14, 2018

Day 11: Farewell Kunming & Tibet

Final day supposed to have a great plan to Dragon gate but it was raining like cat and dog in the morning and I decided to stay back and just visit a nice temple near the guesthouse called Yuantong Zen Buddhist Temple passing through Green Lake Garden.

Then went back guesthouse to dress up and go straight to the airport after lunch near the station. It is a nice feeling to go back Malaysia with AirAsia and it feel so warmth.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Day 10: Kunming day tour to Shilin Karst Stone Forest

After a good rest and I continue with my planning to Shilin for another Unesco world heritage site of Karst stone at Kunming. We starting with a little walk to the train station and taking to the last station where the Eastern Station located where we can take a direct bus to Shilin and it is a tourist bus. Everyone on the bus is having the same objectives. The bus go direct to the Shilin Karst Stone entrance. I am so lucky that the rain come chasing me and I am stuck at the bus station and force to buy an umbrella to continue my visit at the attraction.

There are few section of the karst stone, where I walk straight to the stone forest where there are a peak viewpoint to view the whole area of the karst stone then before walk to the next section of the karst stone. There are also buggy to fetch us around to have a glimpse of the whole karst stone at other site. It is a huge big site to enjoy the karst stone with various shape and story but since it is raining and tiring so I decide to have a short visit and then straight to the bus station to have a crispy duck rice before departing back to Kunming.

Once reach back Kunming then I took the train and stop at Donfeng Square Line 2 to visit Flower & Birds Market at Jingxing Road and Jinbi Square (The Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Archway). I call it a day after some Kunming walking as I am really tire after the whole Tibet trip.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Day 9: Journey to Kunming

Today is the final day at Lhasa as am departing at Lhasa airport later evening and just having a relax morning around Lhasa and walking around Johkang Temple for a coffee and some souvenir before departing to Kunming for my next destination.

The airport transfer was organise at 2pm as we can have a nice lunch next to the hotel while waiting for the transfer. Once reach the airport and this round the China Eastern flight to Kunming going smoothly without any changes but my newly travel mates from Germany got flight delay and seem change to next morning and I feel he will have some problem since there are flight transfer the next day.

Reaching Kunming at night isn’t a good idea anyway as I am trying to take public transport to the guesthouse for a more budget option. But reaching the last bus station at a rainy days at night is really bad as I am disoriented and I do not have a map and taxi is not picking up and I have to based on my google map memory to walk to the guesthouse. Lucky I still speak some mandarin and manage to reach at 11pm. Kunming weather during September is really different from Tibet as it is raining most of the time comparing to Tibet beautiful weather.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Day 8: Potala Palace & Johkang Temple

The final day at Lhasa is the main highlight of the 2 main heritage site of Tibet where it supposed to visit on the second day but we change schedule because to suit another group for the Everest trip. So we meet up at 9am and took a tricycle to the Potala Palace entrance where we start to witness the huge china crowd at Potala Palace as there are many local tourist group queue up at the entrance to wait to enter. This is the real queue in China where we did not experience at Everest and also other monastery outside of Lhasa.

Potala Palace is a real grand monastery of Tibet and it is an icon of Lhasa and Tibet. We slowly enter the palace from the ground and slowly climb up the palace through the stairs and slope. The maintenance of the palace is maintain using natural resources e.g. the entrance blanket are made of Yak hair and the paint is using other agriculture products, such as milk, sugar, rock sugar, honey, brown sugar and so on. In the deployment of coatings, the staff add mineral raw materials in proportion of red and yellow. At the same time, adding saffron can remove the smell, which is recorded in the Buddhist scriptures.Adding sugar is to make the coating more sticky, easier to attach, but not easy to fall off. This is what make Potala Palace a beautiful world heritage site that you must visit and witness yourself.

After Potala Palace we went back to the hotel for a rest and lunch before meeting up at 3pm to proceed visit of Johkang Temple. This is another interesting heritage site where there are active buddhsim pilgrimage at this temple. Locals walking round the temple where the statue of Jowo Sakyamuni, Tibet's most holy relic, resides. This is a pilgrimage every Tibetan Buddhist aspires to make. Interesting site to walk around round clockwise with the locals with surrounding of locals souvenir and café places near Johkang Temple.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Day 7: Journey back Lhasa

It is the same routine today back Lhasa where after the breakfast at the hotel then we proceed to the same route back to Lhasa as the new highway was close because of landslide. The same route passing by Yamdrok Lake and Karola Glacier again. We just stop at the man made lake before the glazier. Then we proceed straight to Lhasa without stopping all the attraction as we are quite tire and feel satisfy with Everest.

We reach Lhasa around 5pm and went to the same Yak hotel at Lhasa. I stay in a 4 person room with all by myself as I suppose to stay in a dormitory but there are only me in the room.

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Day 6: Beautiful Everest sunrise and return back Shigatze & Tashilumpo Monastery

I was lucky and I did not get worst but lucky is just a night at the campsite and we leave the campsite after breakfast around 9am back to Lhasa via Shitgatze. The route back Shigatze is the same passing by roads at Qomolangma national park. It was a lucky day for us as today the sky is clear with no clouds and once we reach the hill peak after an hour and all of us having an awesome time as we manage to witness the stunning awesome beautiful scenery of the top 5 peak of the world including Mount Everest.

(Eleborate the top 5 mountain)

Then we exit the national park and have our lunch midway before proceed to Shigatze. We reach Shigatze around evening and manage to visit Tashilumpo Monastery at Shitgatze where the dalai lama mummify tomb is found at the monastery. It is a historical monastery in Tibet related to the 5th Dalai lama Panchen. There are many story surrounding the 5th Dalai Lama during the serious political era in China.

We stay at the same Mansarovar Hotel at Shitgatze.

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Day 5: Journey to Everest reaching Rongbuk Monastery & Everest camping site

It was a quiet day at Shigatze as we have breakfast at the hotel and start our journey around 9am towards Qomolangma national park where Everest and the top mountain can be view there. The whole day journey is flat as there are many dry land area similar like desert.

After lunch then we enter the entrance of Qomolangma national park before reaching the hill peak about an hour. From the peak we able to view the top 5 peak of the world but there are some cloud and we manage to view 2 mountains. Even 2 mountains and it was a beautiful scenery at the peak hill.

After the beautiful scenery then we start our remaining journey about an hour plus to reach the Everest camping site. Before reaching the camping site then we slowly drive towards the valley and slowly the shy magnificent grand Mount Everest appear without any cloud blocking and it was stunning. We took some photos there before proceed to the camping site.

Once we reach the camping site passing by Rongbuk Monastery. Then we quickly put all out bags at the site and rush to the viewpoint of Everest for sunset. It was a worth trip of our Tibet journey and we stay there for an hour to witness Everest sunset with different colours and phase of Everest. We are simply out of words looking at the grand Everest.

We even climb up to a nunnery monastery near the viewpoint to have a glimpse of Everest sunset and also experience the nun prayer at the little monastery. It is a different experience to witness the sunset and Everest.

After the view and almost towards dark fall and we slowly walk back to the campsite and have a rest. There were no restaurants or any meal place. The junk food and instand noodle is sell at the campsite but with a higher mark up price. I did not have a proper dinner as I took some biscuit and then have a rest cause I seriously not feeling well as I slowly caught altitude sickness towards the night. It was a serious sickness even worst then motion sickness as I am having dizziness and feel like vomiting but I sleep through the night and manage to recover a bit in the morning.

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