Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Short Family trip to Aonang Beach, Krabi with some recommendation

We planned a trip to Krabi from 15th May to 18th May with family and an 11 month old baby. It is a challenge to bring a baby to oversea with stroller and things to consider during stay and eat at Krabi. So far we still manage to divide and conquer the attraction places and some restaurants.
The very first day we reach Krabi in the afternoon and I organised Krabi Shuttle to pick us up at the airport with the online booking. I also booked AonangOrkid’s Grand Superior with seaview with Baht2000 for a night. The sea view room is considering average and of course the deluxe room is much better. We rest after check in for baby sleeping time before going to our very first dinner at Aonang beach. We had our dinner at Aonang Cuisine with average food as I notice it is the oldest Aonang restaurant.
Then we stroll along Aonang beach for souvenir and book for our 4 island day trip at Krabi Trek. There are 4 of us and we need to divide and conquer for taking care our baby. So we divided into 2 groups as for myself and wife booked the longtail boat trip to the 4 islands as my both mother and in law booked for the speed boats trips. The longtail cost Baht400 whereas the speed boat cost Baht900 each.
The next day is our 4 islands trip as we had our simple breakfast before the agent pick up for the trip. The jeep pick all the tourist and heading to the jetty where we go into the longtail for an hour to reach Tub Island. This island is supposed to link with another island but it is high tide and we can only stay on the main island. Then the boat proceeds for a snorkelling short stop near Chicken Island. We stop at the third island, Poda Island for lunch break and also taking many photos of the giant rock at Poda Island. We are so lucky that it is a sunny day and it is a hot day at Poda. Then we proceed to our final destination which it is a highlight to me. It is called Phranang Cave beach where it is listed as one of the beach beach at Tripadvisor. It is indeed a beautiful beach but too crowded with tourists.
We visited Aonang Hilltop for our second dinner at Aonang beach and it is a beautiful restaurant with good view and the food is reasonable as well. Once you reach the bottom of the hill by tuk tuk then there are free pick up by the restaurant. The restaurant will send you back to your hotel or Aonang beach street for free as well.

Then the third day of the trip is supposed to be our parents turn to visit the 4 islands and we stay at Aonang beach to relax. But unfortunately our baby got a fever and it is also raining which is not a good day. So we visited the government clinic and got some antibiotic and luckily our baby temperature reduces at night. Both I and wife still manage to buy some souvenir for friends and families.

We depart back to Kuala Lumpur safely on the fourth day at noon.