Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trekking @ Cameron Highland via Tanah Rata

Planned a trekking trips to Cameron Highlands on 6th June to 8th June 2008. We took a bus at 8:30am from Puduraya with counter 87 Kurnia Bistari Express. Reaching Cameron Highland Tanah Rata at 12:30pm.

We had our lunch at tanah rata before proceeding for the check-in at Twin Pines Chalet where a room for 3 days 2 nights with a country side excursion cost around RM100. Personally I do not recommend Twin Pines but after some research around Tanah Rata and I would recommend Hillview Inn at Tanah Rata.

Anyway we had a great steamboat dinner at Mayflower Restaurant where it cost around RM15/person for a dinner steamboat.

Second day on 7th June 2008 was a relax country side excursion early in the morning but we were cheated and delay until noon because of the school holidays and many tourists. But we did some trekking research on Gunung Jasar (trek no 10 and 11) and Gunung Beremban entrance (trek no 7). We found both entrance and planning for tomorrow trekking but we haven’t decide which trek are we using as we are not very clear of the treks. Trek no 10 and 11 are near OLY Apartments and trek no 7 are via MARDI.

We had our country excursion at noon and it was not a nice visit and it is full of people and really pack like sardine at all parks and tourist attraction area. We had our dinner at T-Café next to Marry Brown. I like the place and highly recommended for a visit.

Third day on 8th June 2008, we decided to use the trek to Gunung Jasar where it was signage trek number 11 via Oly Apartments.

The trek is a very nice trek with fresh air and nice trek but we are not in good stamina as we only trek around 1 hour plus to half way of the mountain before heading back to the chalet for check-out. The whole trekking take us 2 hours. Cameron trekking is a great place for jungle trekkers to catch some trees and fresh air.

(I will trek again to Cameron and update the latest trekking report next round)

Diving @ Pulau Perhentian

My personal dive trip organized to Perhentian Island. It was an ad-hoc plan to fill up my holiday schedule as it was a Wesak public holiday fall on a Monday. We drive up to Kuala Besut on 17th May 2008 early in the morning. We started our journey at 9am with a little nice breakfast and then driving up north via Gua Musang way.

If you like to use this way to reach perhentian and take note after the bentong toll plaza (second toll after gombak toll). Take a left turn to Bentong after the toll. This is a old road to Kuantan and East Coast. You will pass Raub Town and then virtually you pass Kuala Lipis and Gua Musang without entering the town. Always follow Kota Bahru signage after Raub. Then you will reach Kuala Krai and Machang town where Machang is a crucial interchange to Jerteh. Jerteh is the nearest town from Kuala Besut and you will notice signage to Kuala Besut and Perhentian along the way.

We reached Kuala Besut at 5pm and settle the perhentian accommodation and boat transfer at the MARA office near jetty. They are many boat transfer office and also parking available at Besut where the slow boat cost around RM40/way. Then we proceed to NAN hotel for our 1 night stay (RM65/room/night) at Besut before proceeding to the island the next morning. Besut is a boring place with NOT much food and banking facility. We got to drive up to Jerteh for some banking and food for the night.

We meet up the boat man at 8am on the 18th May 2008 proceeding to Perhentian Island. Reaching Teluk Dalam at 9:30am where Flora Bay Resort located. We have our breakfast at the resort after check-in into a Quad room at a rate of RM160 per room/night. Not a bad resort for a relax and leisure trip like this. We have a good rest and lunch right after that before searching for our choice of dive centre for our diving activities.

We found a really good dive center “East Marine” located at the other end of flora bay with walking distance 10 minutes to the resort call Awana Eco Resort. They offer us a dive package of 4 dives for a cost RM260 with each dive around RM65 including equipment. I like the staff at East Marine and the service they offering and I would recommend the dive center to you.

We had our first dive to dive site Tanjung Basi at 5pm on 18th May and it was a check dive to get use to the equipment and also weight adjustment. It was a nice dive too on the first day.

It was raining on the 19th May 2008 and luckily it stop around 8am, we are still excited about diving and we walk to the dive center around 8:30am and proceeding for our early first dive to Tiger Rocks on the 2nd day of Perhentian journey. Then our 2nd dive to Tanjong Butung at 11:30am and 3rd dive to Batu Kapal at 2:30pm. We found a very special clown fish name Panda Clownfish.

We completed our 4 dive package and ended at 4:30pm. After cleaning up then we had a break at the beachside near flora bay before proceeding to our beautiful western dinner for the final night at Perhentian. We had a great time at Perhentian.

Going back on the 20th May 2008 where we took the boat at 8am from flora bay resort and reach Kuala Besut at 9:30am. Then proceed to Jerteh town for breakfast before leaving Terengganu and going back Kuala Lumpur using East Coast Highway passing through town Kuala Terengganu, Dungun, Kerteh, Kemaman and Cherating and it is a beautiful East Coast Highway along the beach.